Saturday, July 17, 2010

Skincare: Zest Body Wash

Zest Hint of Honey Body Wash, 18-fluid ounces Bottles (Pack of 3)

I love getting into the shower and lathering up with as much body wash as I can.  Sometimes I use so much that the whole bathroom ends up smelling of vanilla cucumber and aloe just to name a few.  Because I use so much body wash, I run out rather quickly, so I’m always on the look for the next great wash. 

When I arrived to the parent-in-law’s house, I noticed that the guest bathroom was running low on body wash  so I immediately headed out to Rite Aid and there it was-Zest Hint of Honey Body Wash.

  It took me a while to find this gem because I can’t just pick the first product I see.  I’m the kind of girl that has to look at every single product and read each and every label.  I love sweet scents, so this was perfect for me.  This product is creamy and smooth,  lathers up with very little product and smells of sweet honey with vanilla.  It leaves my skin wonderfully soft and compared to other drugstore body washes is relatively cheap. My husband also enjoys it as well, although he is not a fan of body washes.  I would definitely repurchase this product.


  1. hey! thanks for following :] Ahh the brushes are amazing for the price, I did like the eyeshadow too but the only let down was I got all this glittry fallout on my cheeks :/ but they're pretty pigmented so that's a plus lol And i'm the same with body wash, one little squirt of the stuff is never enough for me, you can smell it from upstairs when I have a shower lol xx

  2. looks great! i love them too :)

  3. sounds great! i'm gonna give this a try. :D

    <3, Mimi

  4. cool. i usually just get the suave body wash just for back up. but this looks really good;D

    btw, i am now a new follower. come check it out and maybe follow me too? :D

  5. THanks for stopping by girls! :-)

    Carrie==> I'm already following your blog :-)


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