Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Skinny on The Skinny Cow

It’s been awhile since everyone and their brother has been coming out with 100 calories food snacks.  I’ve tried a lot of them out there and on numerous occasions I have not been a happy customer.  Usually these 100 calories snacks lack flavor or are ridiculously small in portions.

All this changed when I just recently discovered The Skinny Cow and let me say that I will never ever buy any other 100 calorie ice cream popsicle product other than this. 

Caramel Truffle popsicles are only 100 calories each.  Click on the image if you want to know more about the caloric content

The Caramel Truffle popsicle is ridiculously delicious.  It is creamy but not too overbearing.  It’s sweet but it doesn’t overwhelm you.  The popsicle is wrapped in a somewhat crunchy chocolate ribbon which helps give the popsicle texture.  In terms of size you will not be disappointed.

It seems that The Skinny Cow products have been out in the market for a while but I had never seen them in my native island.  What’s up with that?



  1. I keep hearing great things about Skinny Cow, but I can never find it here in Charleston.. :(

  2. this sounds and looks really yummy. :)

    <3, Mimi


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