Friday, August 13, 2010

Even Better Corn Muffins

As I had already mentioned in a previous post, I'm new to baking and am loving it. I went grocery shopping yesterday and picked up several muffin, bread, and brownie mixes. I've been experimenting with boxed muffin mixes and my last food post was about cornbread muffins.

Since my husband liked the cornbread muffins so much I decided to prepare them again, but this time around I added fresh blueberries to the mix. They turned out to be even better than the first time because the blueberries mostly tended to "explode" while baking so when you bite into the warm muffin you can taste the gooey fruitiness.


  1. My jaw just dropped when I saw the pictures, quite seriously. I love cornbread and I love blueberry muffins, I need to try this! Did you add more/less water to the mix?

  2. that's a good idea! i love baking, it's so much fun! :D

    <3, Mimi

  3. Hanna===> I followed the instructions just like they were on box and just added blueberries to the mix. After I spooned the mix in the pan I put a blueberry in the middle of the mix :-)

    Mimi==> I agree with you Mimi, baking is fun!

  4. oooh great idea I def am going to try this!! Thanks for visiting my site I'm following you back!

    Tania @


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