Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quick Breakfast Ideas

Yummy breakfast for two!

oatmeal with raspberries (my son's breakfast)

raspberries, grapes, brie cheese, 1 hard boiled egg, 1/2 English muffin

What do you like to have for breakfast when you are short on time?


  1. All this looks so yummy for breakfast!!

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  2. Hello,
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    p.s. My quick breakfast is either cheese/bread/fruit or a protein shake. :)

  3. ok im drooling now,lol! this is really delicious! i usually dont cook when im in rush, for breakfast i just buy poridge in the vendor :)

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  5. sounds good!
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  6. Looks delicious-and healthy too!

  7. Yummy :D I have yogurt and a lactobacillus drink called Yakult thats really popular here in the Philippines :D Thats all I usually have til lunch. heehee

    -Gayle from

  8. Following ya back:)
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    That looks delish!!!
    Hope your day is great-Daph

  9. Princess Mom==> :-D Thanks for following! I just visited your page :-)

    The Moxie Bee==> Thanks for the follow! Just went to your page :-)

    Endy==> It's always important to have breakfast even if it is something quick :-) I've never seen porridge in a food vendor.

    Tiffany==> THanks! I'm going to your site at this moment :-)

    Bocci==> It is! I wrote a previous post in regards to the Pedigree Drive.

    Gayle==> I've read about those drinks and they are yummy according to others!

    Flip Flops and Pearls==> Thank you very much! Hope you also have a great day!

  10. Hi! I'm Lindsay from Boman, party of 5. I've given you a blog award. You can check out the details on my blog! Have a great day!!!

  11. Wow, that looks awesome. I have to come by often to get some good quick breakfast recipes.

  12. My boys are so difficult to feed on weekday mornings. I wonder if the oatmeal and berries would work> Thanks for the ideas. :)


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