Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Keeping You Warm: Old Navy Jackets

Women's Frost Free Jackets: $49.50 $25.00
 I got it on sale for $16 last Saturday during the $16 jacket sale.  BTW, this jacket was the only one on sale.  I also got the brown one. Both of which will be perfect for the upcoming cold in my area and for the snow in New England.

Women's Frost Free Vests:
I'd love to get a vest as well!  I'd pair it with long sleeve thermals, skinny jeans/jean skirts w/opaque tights & cute socks and my Sporto boots.

Women's Frost Free Hooded Coats: $79.50
If it were up to me I'd finish off the collection with this cute parka.  The god thing about this jackets is that they don't go out of style and you will wear them again next year.  Now, if I could convince my husband about getting it.

Obviously MARvelous


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  2. oooh these are great! oh btw, i forgot to tell you that we got the tortilla container at our local supermarket. :D

    <3, Mimi

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  5. Oooh great find! I do actually like the jacket. I usually hate puffy jackets, but this one looks like it has some shape and isn't overly bulky.

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  11. I love that top jacket is really great!

  12. Mimi==> Thanks! I'll have to keep my eyes open for one :-)

    Lisa===> It isn't bulky at all! I wore it on Saturday because it was super chilly and it kept me looking stylish and warm :-)

    Toni==> Right? If only I could get my hands on it :-) Hope your doing well!

    Katie==> :-D

    Diana=> :-) It's light weight, stylish and keeps you warm


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