Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Link Up Your Giveaways


Welcome to the 2nd week of Terrific Tuesday's Giveaway Link Up, hosted by Purple Froggie Clay Stuff, Always Around Boys and Tots and Me

We love making new friends so here are the simple rules:

1. Follow all 3 hostesses.  We always follow you back
2 Link up as many giveaways as you have using only the giveaway URL.
3. Be sure to include your giveaway END date
4. Have fun, visit other blogs, maybe even follow them too.

Thank you for joining us!


  1. Emy! This is a novel idea I just joined! :)

  2. Toni, hope you're doing well!

    We've only been doing this for 2 weeks, but this is something very common amongst mommy blogs. I like that you can find loads of giveaways in one place without searching so much.

    Although with this linky, the organizer asks that people follow us, but I think we might change that because no one else does it and the idea really is to help people spread the words on their giveaways, as well as find them.


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