Monday, January 24, 2011

Katy Perry OPI Collection

For all of you nail polish junkies out there I have great news: at last the Katy Perry OPI Collection is in stores!  Ever since I eyed the collection in a magazine back in December I've been desperately waiting for its arrival.  I don't how many times I went to Ulta this month of January and asked the sales girls about the collection.

Today, I dropped by CVS and decided to walk to ULTA afterward.  Low and behold, what did I spy in the center of the store, but the Katy Perry OPI Collection. 

My favorite color out of the whole collection is Shatter.
 Shatter is a deep, matte black that when you apply it over already dry nail polish has a shattered or crackled texture.

Luckily, my nails were already painted so I went on and applied one coat of Shatter.

{OOPS, I still hadn't cleaned up the edges}
When you apply the Shatter nail polish it goes on like any other polish would, but it sorta' starts to shrink up until you end up with the shattered effect.  Afterward, I applied clear top coat {not seen here}and it just helped amp up the color.

I love the look of black nail polish, but sometimes it can be a bit too harsh. So by combining the color of your preference along with OPI Shatter your nails still get that edgy look, but with a pop of color.

Have you tried any colors from the Katy Perry OPI collection?


  1. That shatter polish is interesting. I've been wondering how to achieve that effect. It's so cool, Emy!

  2. Can't wait to try the shatter polish!

  3. oh my gosh, how cool is that?! i want to get shatter! :D

    <3, Mimi

  4. I love your nails - they look amazing! Heading to now...

  5. I love that! I wonder if Walmart has it!

  6. toryaslim822==> You can get it at Ulta,, some J.C. Penny's and Trade Secret.

    If not go to to find out where they sell it in your area.

  7. If any of you girls get any of the Katy Perry OPI nail polishes make a post about it with your pics and let me know.

  8. Now that's aweseom!! I love Katy Perry's music!

    I'm going to get me a bottle of her polish!



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