Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome Weekend Giveaway Linky: Seeking to Partner Up

It's been several weeks since I created and have been hosting Welcome Weekend Blog Hop.  So, I decided it was time to start up a Welcome Weekend Giveaway Link-Up.

This giveaway linky will be inaugurated on Friday, January 7th at 8:00pm and will close on Sunday, January 9th at 11:59 pm.

The idea of this linky is for all of you great bloggers out there to post your giveaways, get more exposure and find other great giveaways to participate in.

Ideally, I would like to team-up with another blogger or two to co-host the giveaway linky.  The blogger(s) should have active giveaways on a more or less regular basis and post frequently on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Please, email at alwaysaroundboys(at)yahoo(dot)com to see if our blogs are compatible and what would be required as a co-host(ess).


  1. How fun! I look forward to your linky!

  2. I would love to work with you on this! I've had a weekend giveaway linky and it's been an on and off success. I'd love to come together with other bloggers, especially now that we're all over the holidays and can get centered again!


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