Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thomas'® Everything Bagel Thins™ Bagels

I love a good bagel with a yummy cream cheese spread, but the combination can be packed with calories. 


I was exited to know that Thomas'® had come out with  Thomas'® Everything Bagel Thins™ Bagels. Not only are they deliciously good-like all Thomas'® products are-, but they are only 110 calories per serving and they come in an 8-pk, 16pk or 24 pk.

My family and I love bagels-mostly whole wheat and cinnamon & raisin!  I love eating bagels with veggie cream cheese or strawberry cream cheese, using them for sandwiches and topping them with scrambled eggs.
Have you tried Thomas'® Everything Bagel Thins™ Bagels?
What would you eat your with?

Disclaimer: I am a BZ Agent and I received a free coupon to try out the featured product.  All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.


  1. Sounds good. They sure are thin- saw them in the store, and they were like paper, LOL

  2. These things are the best! I usually make an egg & cheese everything bagel for breakfast. Under 250 calories and I'm set for the morning!

  3. Yumm I haven't tried them yet but we LOVE everything bagels!

  4. Yes, they are great. We have tried them and we are a big fan of bagels. I eat them with cream cheese and it is absolutely delicious.

  5. OMG - I am in love - I am going to have to find these in a store - perfect match. At 110 calories I would combine with a little cream cheese and be done!

  6. Are they just normal bagels in a thinner form or are they reformulated with a new recipe? I've been seeing a lot of these "thins" out for various products & some of the ones I tried were... not so great. Good to know that these ones actually held up during a taste test!


  7. Annalene==> These are just thinner, so they taste just like regular bagels. You get the same full sensation as if you were eating a big bulky bagel.


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