Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gerome the Giraffe

If your kid is like mine then chances are that he/she falls asleep in the car very often.  The only problem with this is that his head just bobs sideways and to the front.  This makes me very uneasy because I can never be sure if he is completely comfortable or not.  When he was younger he had a neck pillow, but outgrew it.

Luckily, Gerome the Giraffe neck rest arrived in the mail for him.  Gerome is part of a new travel-friendly product line called“Are We There Yet” from toy and gift manufacturer Aurora World Inc

As soon as I took it out of the package and held it my immediate thoughts were that it is extremely cute, soft, plush and any kid would like it.

I also happen to like it because in the case it ever gets too dirty I can just throw it in a warm wash and pass it over to the dryer, as simple as that.

As you can see, this neckpillow isn't just good for travel by car, plane or train but also for those times at home when you're just relaxing and watching some t.v.  The truth is,  I think I might borrow the neck rest for my next trip in September.

My son just so happens to think that his neck rest is also a toy that he sometimes carries around and offers to others so they can lay there heads down.

The “Are We There Yet” line also features plush toys, backpacks and “MyName Is” ID tags.  The line is based on Aurora’s monkey character Cheeky Charlie and his jungle friends.


Have you tried any product from this line?

Disclaimer: I recieved the featured product at no cost for review purposes only.  All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way. I was not financially compensated for  this post.



  1. Wow that's really neat. Much more comfy than having their heads flop all over!

  2. That's a great idea! My boys would start doing the head bobbing thing, and it would wake them up! (and, I always worried about their little necks!)

  3. This is AWESOME! I am going to have to check into this and get one for my girls!

    -Jennifer, Jennifer's Deals

  4. How cute! We do alot of travelling so this sounds like a great product!


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