Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Movie: The Muppets

I used to love The Muppets when I was a kid, so I'm a bit excited for their upcoming movie. That combined with the fact that I love Jason Segel and of course Amy Adams isn't too bad herself.  Now, I'm contemplating whether the hubby and I should take our 2 year old along so he too can discover The Muppets.  Are any of you planning on taking your toddlers?

Here are some film clips:

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  1. I plan on taking my child to see The Muppets. Who doesn't love them? They're good clean fun.


  2. i've heard great things about it. totally going to see it. super happy I found your blog. totally following. If you get a sec I'd love to hear what you think of my fashion blog. It's all about the adventures of a southern girl turned LA stylist. xo



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