Sunday, July 4, 2010

King of Supermarkets

Price Chopper

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Medium size chain of supermarkets in New England, New York, and Pennsylvania, with headquarters in upstate NY


My family and I went grocery shopping today to the local Price Chopper.  I come from the Caribbean and our supermarkets, although well stocked, do not compare in any size, form or shape to some of the supermarkets I’ve seen in the States.

Here is a picture tour of some of the sections one might find at a Price Chopper.


Today I enjoyed a nice lunch over at Price Chopper’s well stocked Salad Bar.

$5.99 lb-which I consider to be a good price because you have many options to choose from.


My toddler son enjoyed a nice assortment of freshly chopped fruit with a little bit of yogurt.  His favorite fruit would definitely have to be watermelon and berries.



This is just one of the fruit aisles in the fresh fruit section.  Everything looked so yummy!



What a great assortment of cakes!  So good but so bad for you if eaten daily :-(



This would have to be my favorite section!  I love cheese in every size, form and shape.



Fresh, live lobsters!  You choose which one you like.


Have you ever been to a Price Chopper? What do you think of it?

What supermarket do you regularly shop at?


  1. that supermarket looks cool! lots of products to choose from. we usually go to our local vons or food 4 less. :)

    btw, thanks for the birthday greeting! :)

  2. I used to live in Albany NY, and the Price Chopper there was kinda boring. It was plain. They did not have a salad bar at the time, but that's awesome that you have that. I know when I lived in NY my favorite grocery store was Wegmans. I love that supermarket.

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