Thursday, September 9, 2010

Great Side Dish

As of recent I've become a fan of Dutch Yellow Baby Potatoes.
Chop up some onions
I also used carrots and spinach.
I sauteed the potatoes, onions and carrots in low-sodium chicken stock at medium heat making sure to add more liquid if the pan started to dry out.
When all of the veggies were to the point of being fully cooked, I added the spinach.
We had our potatoes with a plain chicken breast sandwich (a bit of miracle whip and organic ketchup)


  1. following you from thirsty thursday! loving your blog already :) this is a very yummy looking recipe!


  2. It all looks good enough to eat! LOL Really - it looks amazing! I could eat a plate full of the veggies right now!

  3. Following you now from Turning the Clock Back Thursday! Please follow my blog of inspiring messages, all original work of mine.

  4. Mmmmmmmm, that looks super delish!

  5. Wow - that looks really yummy. I sure wish I could cook. Going to give your recipe to my husband:)

  6. Hello we are following you back! Love your blog.

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    Thanks, Mr. Monkey

  8. Thanks for stopping by - I got to visit you and read this really delicious veggie recipe. I'm going recipe hunting and I'm following! Nice to meet you!

  9. That looks yummy!
    Love potatoes, and the presentation is just great!


  10. Oh my goodness, the photos and recipe look and sound delicious! Thank you for sharing!

  11. That looks yummy and super simple! Thanks for sharing.


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