Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lazy Sunday with Papa John's

I love to cook, but there are days when I simply don't want to get out the chopping board, knives, pots and the pans in order to create a family meal. As matter of fact, I sometimes feel like not really doing absolutely anything around the house.

Today happens to be one of those days! I have decided to officially name this day, Lazy Sunday.

In honor of Lazy Sunday, my son and I have dedicated ourselves to watching Bob the Builder and Barney the Dinosaur episodes along with reading and playing-with-blocks breaks.

To complete our Lazy Sunday, we decided to order some carry out pizza. Although I don't discriminate with pizza, I chose to order a 3 ingredient pie from Papa John's. The coolest thing was, that I didn't have to pick up the phone to order the pizza.

Papa John's has this amazingly efficient online order system. We have Papa John's in the Caribbean, but not the online system. I was thrilled to know, that now living in the U.S.A., this system would be active. In the past, when ordering pizza from any place, it was always a hassle to make a phone order because the communication between us (client) and the phone attendant would not be clear, which would result in errors in the order. With this online order system, there was no mistake.

Not only did we get a yummy large pizza, but we avoided any mishaps in our order.

What we ordered: Large original crust pizza
1st Half: Bacon, Ham, Mushrooms
2nd Half: Grilled Chicken, Onions, Green Peppers

What do you like to eat on Lazy Sunday's?


  1. My husband and I used to order pizza all the time when I didn't feel like cooking (I never feel like cooking hehe) but we start eating more at home in order to cut down on unnessessary food costs.

    I'd like to eat anything that I don't have to cook lol.

  2. I am a new follower,
    Hopped in from the LOL blog hop.
    I found you at:
    Living Out Loud

    I like homemade pizza with garden toppings. yum

  3. My husband and I are empty-nesters, married 32 years, and we love to have popcorn on Sunday nites for dinner. Sometimes we're extra naughty, like tonite, and we have homemade chocolate chip cookies, too. :o)blessings on your day!

  4. Nelah==> You're right, eating out too much can become costly. :-)

    LivingOutLoud===> that sounds yummy!

    Karen==> You've just reminded me that we have a box of popcorn that we still haven't opened. I love to bake, although I've never made cookies.

  5. Mmmm, looks so yummy. It's OK to be lazy. A mom with 3 kids, I totally understand you. Sometimes we deserve a day off. LOL.

    Following you back. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for following me! I am now following you back!

  7. Well, Sunday was Father's day here so I couldn't be lazy. I made a HUGE lasagna so that means we can have leftovers for Lazy Monday! haha.

  8. i haven't eaten papa johns in a while! we like pizza too for lazy days, or we order the teriyaki platter from a japanese restaurant near us. :D

    <3, Mimi

  9. Crock Pot all the way! I start it in the moring and dont mess with it all day until dinner! :)

    Yesterday I did a pork roast, 2 apples and 2 pears pleeled and sliced, 1/2 onion cut into stips, 1bag baby carrots and 1/2 cup apple juice.

    8 hours later the house smells great and we all have full bellies! :)

    Thank you so stopping by Mommy Minded! I am following you back!

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  10. Pizza looks yummy! And thanks for the follow-I'll follow you right back!

    Your buddy,

  11. Hey Emy, just read your comment on Bocci's blog:-)
    So glad your little boy loves dogs! This is definitely a "G" rated site:-) so feel free to share with him and pass on to your other dog loving friends.
    We're really trying to focus the blog on adoption and rescue, so that should make a good teaching tool as your boy gets a little older:-)

    Your buddy,

  12. Pizza is a nice change. I have just started to follow your blog.

  13. Balazs and I love ordering pizza...This one looks so good..There is no better things then hubby, good food and evening in:)Kisses my dear and thank you for your lovely comment...Hope to see you soon:)


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