Friday, October 8, 2010

The Things Our Kids Share With Us

I am the blessed mother to a wonderful little eighteen month toddler.  Ever since getting a C-Section my life has changed for the better.  Day to day I get the chance to see my son grow and develop.  Now that my baby E is getting older he is learning how to share, not just with his loved ones but with whomever crosses his path.

Here is a  list of things that my son loves to share with me( not in any particular order):
  1.  hugs
  2. kisses
  3. crackers
  4. crackers after he has put them in his mouth
  5. books
  6. his bottle of milk
  7. fireman hat
  8. my pillow
  9. the bathroom (if I have to go to the bathroom I have to leave the door open, so my son just hangs out in the bathroom or gives me hugs while I'm on the toilet)
  10. more kisses, especially when he has a cold (with this last one I always end up getting some of his symptoms, but I don't mind)
What does your child like to share with you?


  1. He's so precious! :) I like how kids are like ducks where they follow their mama all around.

    You have a sweet bambino. :)

  2. Cute post. I don't see trash on the list though. For some reason I get brought the trash from my boys... food wrappers and such. lol

    Thanks for visiting Sueberry Lane - following back now.

  3. thanks for stoppping by now floowing you !!!

  4. Toni==> you're right, they are! I just hope my boy never gets to the phase where he doesn't want to be around me :-)

    Sueberry==> Jajaja, maybe that's the next thing he'll start sharing with me :-). Thanks for the follow :-)

    Saving==>THank you!

  5. aww, he is adorable. My 18 yr old was that age he used to always take a bit of this cookie he liked, put it to my mouth and when I would say "mmm-mm" he would pat me on the head lol.
    I've also stopped by to tell ya I've moved my blog to a new addy and re-following you hope you will refollow too:

  6. I'm your newest follower from the blog hops!

  7. Sabina==>Kids do the most adorable things :-) I'll definitely re-follow you :-)

    T==> Thanks so much!


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