Saturday, December 4, 2010

Beautiful Clothes: Fashion to Figure

For those of you who don't know, I happen to be a curvy momma-just in case, that's not me in the picture.  The truth of the matter is that I love my curves! I also happen to love everything related to fashion. Of course, I love to buy clothes, but sometimes it can be a bit difficult to find pieces that'll fit you in all the right spots and look modern. Most of all, I find it very difficult to find cool and comfortable plus size jeans.

I was excited to find a cool looking pair of plus size jeans that actually fit courtesy of Fashion to Figure!
  As soon as I put on the jeans I felt great.  The jeans fit very nicely and were true to size-I really hate it when I try on my size of jeans and they seem like they were meant for somone 2 sizes smaller.  I'm 5'6" and these jeans were just the right length; I can wear them with all kinds of shoes.  Like many a women who have kids, after my son was born I was left with a tummy pooch so I often steer clear of low rise jeans.  But these jeans were high enough that they reach a little bit below my belly button and help me disguise my mommy pooch. 

The jeans have a cool, distressed design in the front.  I like the look because it makes you look edgy even if your wearing a plain black tee and flats.  But, at the same time you can also dress them up with a black tee, blazer, heels and silver jelwery.

The jeans also come with stud details close to the front pockets along with a few white stitches.  These details are also on the back pocket, which like I had mentioned previously give the jeans a modern edgy look.

Distressed Skinny Jean with Stud Details: These chic, comfortable Distressed Skinny Jeans with Stud Detail are a closet staple. The added stretch allows for easy movement and the stylish "boyfriend" distressed leg is versatile enough to wear with a sweatshirt or a sequin tank.

Fashion to Figure offers everything for us curvy women, from plus size jeans, tops and dresses to slacks, shorts and skirts all at an affordable price!

If you're still looking for what to wear over the holidays then make sure to visit Fashion to Figure.

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Disclosure: I received no form of monetary compensation for this post. I received a pair of jeans from Fashion to Figure, free of charge. This is an honest review and the opinions expressed in this review are my own and were not influenced in any way.


  1. Those jeans are so neat. I hate having sacrifice style for fit and those look like they would hug my curves without making me look boring or completely oblivious to what's trending.

    The online image also looks like the one you took. I really look for that when buying online! Thank you for posting BOTH! Great review!

    Michelle @ Things Sent My Way

  2. oh man, I would love to be able to order from them. I can never find clothes

  3. love love those jeans.

    i'm a fan of good pair of jeans

    love your blog.
    check mine :) if you like follow me and i will follow you.


  4. My MIL just bought me the same exact pair for Christmas. I can't wait to try them.

    I'm your newest follower. Happy Holidays.

  5. Good jeans are so hard to find. Those are really cute.

    Now if I could just find a pair for my daughter who is adorably inherited junk in the trunk! Ideas?

  6. Awesome!
    Please take a look at my blog if you ever get the chance. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks so much :)

  7. Those are really cute! Great review!

  8. Oh, those jeans are lovely. I have a few of those type of jeans. They feel really nice and look hip as well. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I am going to have to check out Fashion to Figure. As a curvy momma myself, I am always looking for something that fits and is fashionable!

  10. It's so nice to find a pair of jeans that fit nice! They look cute on you!

  11. Its nice to see various clothing lines embracing the fact that not everyone is a stick figure!

  12. Michelle==> I know exactly what you're talking about :-) Glad you liked the review.

    The Little Dust Princess==> They are, right!!

    Troopetrie==> They have a lot of cool plus sized pieces! So you should definitely check it out.

    Elena==> :-) I will most certainly be stopping by

    Jen==> Hope you like them as much as I like mine :-)

    Heather==> THey really are! Sometimes if I find a pair I really like I'll buy them in different washes.

    I wish I could help you with your about your daughter, but I only buy for a toddler boy. Old Navy always has really cute and cool styles for kids.

    Lady Gabby==> Will most definitely be visiting your blog.

    Katie==> THanks so much!

    Show ME MAma==> I agree, they are hip!

    Lolo==> You should! They have a lot of variety and they also de returns in case something doesn't fit.

    Heather==> THanks :-)

    Diane==> Amen to that! :-)

  13. Those are cute jeans! I like the "Distressed" detail on the front.

  14. So glad I read this. I have a hard time finding Plus Size jeans that fit right as well. Those are really cute! Going to bookmark their site right now!! Thanks!


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