Thursday, February 24, 2011

Skin M.D. Natural: A Lotion for the Whole Family

Product Description  
  • A shielding lotion does the real work to prevent dry skin in two ways:
    • First, it assists the inner layers of skin to absorb moisture. The humectant (an ingredient that attracts moisture) used in Skin MD Natural is unique to it and has been laboratory tested to be 6 times more effective than any other you will find in common creams.
    • Second, a shielding lotion enhances the power of the top layer of the skin to resist environmental irritants while protecting the inner natural moisture.
  • Skin MD Natural is hypoallergenic, free of fragrances, parabens and colorants. It is made with more than 90% natural ingredients and 100% food-grade ingredients that are on the FDA's "most safe" list.

I always make sure to moisturize after I shower and before going to bed.  I believe that if you do it on a regular basis that this is one of the things that can definitely help your skin look its best.  Of  course, I always try to get my husband to do the same because the cold weather has mercy on no one.

Skin MD Natural Lotion is probably one of the very few lotions that he has agreed to use.  Let's see why... One of the first things that I noticed about the product was that it didn't have any added artificial scents; which was great because my husband would be able to use the product.  The truth is, guys seldom like to use lotions that will leave him smelling like a girl.  Skin MD Natural lotion is not heavy or greasy and goes on smoothly and is quickly absorbed by the skin.  It's ideal for my husband because he doesn't have time to wait around for lotion to seep into the skin.  He's also been using the lotion on his face because his cleanser dries him and the Skin MD Natural helps moisturize immediately.  Unlike other lotions, this one can be used all over {face, body, feet}, which for guys is ideal because at least my husband doesn't want to be bothered by using 20 different products.  This product is something that we would definitely purchase for my husband.

I'm definitely considering using this with my son, who has baby eczema, and see what it does for him.




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  1. I really like this product. It really feels good on your skin and I literally have one in my purse. Love it. thanks for sharing.

  2. Fragrance free and hypoallergenic are something I can appreciate. I am sensitive to some scents and so I purchase lightly scented or fragrance free products all the time. May have to add this lotion to my list. Thanks for the introduction.

  3. Good for my little man, as well, he has such bad skin. I keep one in my diaper bag- literally.

  4. We love Skin MD - My son has a small case of eczema and this does wonders for him!


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